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Community Portal
Community organisation.

Content improvement and maintenance[edit]

Mathematical content[edit]

We're in pretty good shape with propositional logic. first-order logic is usable but somewhat less complete, and Basic arithmetic and General set theory are really just getting started. It is also possible to start work on anything which you are prepared to express axioms for—now that we have logic the main thing you are likely to find missing is relations, functions, subsets, and other bits of familiar mathematical machinery, but some problems can be expressed without them.

Non-mathematical content[edit]

Zip. Nada. Zilch. Someone better get started on it. But remember: Wikiproofs has its focus on proofs. It is not an ontology, though JHilbert would technically be capable of maintaining one.

Wikiproofs structure[edit]

Policies guidelines need to be crafted, large-scale projects organised, etc. This page could also do with an improvement.

JHilbert verifier[edit]

A lot of stuff is still missing: